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Abuse of Noncompete Agreements Highlighted in Recent News

Employers Under Fire for Using Noncompete Agreements to Depress Wages and Limit Employee Mobility Always a polarizing topic, the manner in which employers use — and far too often, abuse — noncompete agreements has been making national news lately.

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Recorded Webinar on Restrictive Covenant Strategies Available For Free Download

I recently presented a restrictive covenants strategies seminar entitled “Cutting-Edge Developments in Restrictive Covenants and Other Legal Tools for Protecting Competitive Advantages” live on 3/10/16 and via Webinar on 4/1/16.  If you missed both and are still interested in seeing … Continue reading

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Minimizing Risks Associated with Employee Mobility

As any employment lawyer knows, employees are constantly moving in and out of jobs. Our clients hire and fire employees. Employees quit to pursue better opportunities. Employees of all levels move between competitors. Sometimes employment lawyers are involved in these … Continue reading

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Best Practice Tips for Protecting Company Secrets

What can an employer do when an employee leaves to work for a competitor and takes the employer’s secret recipe for its special sauce with him?  For many businesses, especially in this high-tech economy, confidential information and trade secrets are … Continue reading

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MB&J Breakfast Seminar Series: Developments in the Law of Noncompete Agreements and Other Post-employment Restrictions

Your VP of Business Development quit unexpectedly last week and you just learned that she joined your main competitor.  You are excited about hiring a top-producing salesman, but you learn that he is subject to a noncompete agreement with his former … Continue reading

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