About Whitney Law Group, LLC

Whitney Law Group, LLC was founded by Mark M. Whitney, a lawyer who spent 24 years trained by and practicing in large law firms in New York and Boston.  Mark has spent his career representing businesses, insurance companies, and executives in employment-related disputes. Mark has developed a substantial expertise in noncompete litigation on behalf of both employers and individuals, and also handled a wide variety of complex commercial cases.

If you have a challenging employment law or business issue, WLG is here to help. WLG’s approach to legal problems is practical, zealous and creative.  WLG listens to your goals, scrutinizes the facts and evidence carefully, and advises in a thoughtful and straightforward manner.  WLG seeks to tailor its approach based on the circumstances — many problems can be resolved cooperatively,  some require a “gloves off” approach, and other need a creative alternative.  WLG will work closely with you to find the right approach to your problem.

For more information please visit WLG’s website.

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